How Long Selling Your House In Salt Lake City Will Take


Offering your home can be a substantial feat. While enlisting with a real estate agent, the procedure will probably take any longer than an instant deal, and can likewise end up costing you more! Continue reading to understand how the time it takes to offer your house affect you financially.

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While there is no way to determine how long selling your house will take when listing your home with an Salt Lake City agent, you can plan if you choose to sell directly. In our latest post, we will look at how long selling your house will take and the typical things that may cause delays.

If You List

Getting It Ready For The Market

On the off chance that you choose to list your Salt Lake City house, you will probably need time to prepare it for the market. You’ll need to tidy up, evacuate your belongings, make fixes and stage the house for showings.

Finding The Right Agent

Hiring the best real estate agent to help sell your house can take some time as well. You wouldn’t have any desire to work with the first agent you meet. Instead, you will probably do some research, converse with loved ones who have as of late sold, and talk with a couple of agents before choosing who to hire.

Waiting For A Buyer

Immediately the house is listed, you are helpless before the market. There is no assurance you will find a purchaser immediately or that you will get the value you are seeking. Your property could sit on the MLS, just to get offers lower than you had anticipated. No one can really tell to what extent your home can sit on MLS, which makes planning ahead difficult.

The Inspection Process

When an offer has been made, your purchaser’s lender will want to examine and evaluate the house. If it doesn’t amount for what they are loaning, the loan won’t be released. On the off chance that there are issues with the property you should either make additional fixes or negotiate the cost with your purchasers. When evaluating your house, make sure to plan for this step. The estimation of your home can change once it has been reviewed. A few homesellers even agree to pay for an inspection themselves before placing it in the market. This will guarantee that there aren’t any surprises after an offer has been made.


The period escrow takes may vary depending on the agreements made between the buyer and the seller. The buyer may ask for fixing the damaged areas in the house before signing off on contingencies, and the lenders may take some time to release the loan. Typically escrow takes 2-4 weeks+.


When the escrow process is complete, the buyer and seller will need to arrange a date to sign the paperwork. You will meet at the title company, re-examine all paperwork and finally sign on the dotted line.

When You Sell Directly

Get An Offer

When you decide to sell directly to Property Seller Solutions, you will get an offer immediately. The ball is now on your court to determine if it is the best choice for you. We understand you might need some time to run the numbers or evaluate your options. We will never lure you into a sale.


If you choose to do business with us, the closing can take place in a few days. With an immediate sale to Property Seller Solutions, you will avoid all costs of listing such as repairs, commissions, closing costs, and many more and be able to plan by knowing exactly when the house will close. For many properties in Salt Lake City, a direct sale is a quicker and more cost-effective solution. There is no need to make repairs or hire an agent to sell. Before you decide to list, find out if a direct sale is your best bet! There is zero commitment!

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