I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My Salt Lake City House

selling my Salt Lake City house relocationRelocating is complicated and takes a coordinated effort. Each week there are Salt Lake City home sellers reaching us by phone or by submitting their property information on our website who are telling us “I’m relocating and need to sell my Salt Lake City house“. Fortunately, we’re able to assist many of these homeowners in quickly selling their homes (because buying houses in Salt Lake City UT is what we do – we’re actively buying now!)

The amount of details to coordinate is huge, add to that the stress of whatever is forcing you to move — whether it’s for a job or change in family situation, regardless, moving is always a big change.

So, how does one stay focused and not become overwhelmed?

Don’t Agonize – Get Organized.

Don’t get stuck in a situation where you’re spending a ton of money to own an empty house for two years. This would be expensive and not the best option.

Even though the Salt Lake City housing market is fairly stable lately, situations can change before you know it. We’ve encountered many people with awful stories over the years. So, unless you’re a mega-millionaire, you likely can’t afford the luxury of waiting it out.

So, how do you ensure you’re making the best decisions when relocating and needing to sell your Salt Lake City UT home fast?

Relocating And Needing To Sell Your Salt Lake City House Fast… Your Options And Steps To Take

Start here…

  1. Find out what your home is actually worth: To get started on this, either find a good local real estate agent or get in touch with us and we’ll evaluate your property with no obligation to you. After finding out this information, you’ll be better able to decide if it’s worth waiting for on the open market.
  2. Decide how quickly you need to sell your home after relocating: This step is huge. We’ve known professionals who have relocated for a job and left with their home sit on the market for over a year before selling for a much lower amount than they had expected. Make a decision on how quickly you need to sell your home… and how long you’re okay with paying two mortgage payments, insurance, and more.
  3. Before you begin packing up your house, find a solid real estate agent: Start the home selling process early. Each month that takes before selling… is costing you money. Or, if you don’t want to use a real estate agent and wait… we are a qualified local home buyer and would very much like to give you a fast and fair all-cash offer. Simply fill out this quick form to get started >>
  4. Figure out the true value of selling your home fast vs. “hoping and waiting” for a dream price: Each of us would love to get as much for our house as possible, but many people seem to forget the costs associated with holding on to a property before it sells. These hidden costs include the home loan (and if you’re within the first 10 years of the loan most of your payment is strictly going to interest and not principal…), taxes, insurance, upkeep/maintenance, etc. Let’s just say you would like to sell your home for $220k… your mortgage costs $1,300 per month, taxes $225 per month, $125 for insurance, and $125 for lawn maintenance, repairs, etc. These expenses add up to $1,775 each month in “non-equity generating” costs. If it ends up taking you seven months to find a buyer and close on that house for $220k… it will cost you $12,425 in DIRECT “holding costs” & you are required to spend $13,200 in agent fees (3% for seller’s agent plus another 3% to the buyer’s agent.) This totals $25,625 in COSTS to you! This doesn’t even take into account the value of the time you spent, the stress you’ve dealt with while it was sitting unsold, the opportunity cost if you had had that money for seven months, etc. So, the real cost to you is likely over $35k. But, what if instead you were able to sell your home next week and avoid that entire hassle? Let’s say you even sold at a discount below full retail price (perhaps $190k…) You’d still be coming out ahead by selling your home NOW at the discount to a buyer such as our company vs. seven months in the future at full price (but having to pay all the holding costs and agent fees…) Are you seeing the big picture?
  5. Decide to take action!: Whatever choice you make… take that leap and do it. If you choose to use an agent, wonderful! Research and choose a solid Salt Lake City UT agent. But, if you’d prefer to not wait and pay agent fees and holding costs… selling to us may be a great option 🙂

You may have plenty of time on your hands and a truly amazing property, you may be inclined to see what the market will bear with a high selling price. It’s possible there’s someone out there who may just fall in love with the home and decide to overpay for it — sometimes love makes people crazy.

However, in reality, most houses are fairly average. They are normally very similar to the other houses in the area, just like folks who live near each other tend to share much in common. So, barring the possibility that your home is really stunning and extraordinary, straight out of a magazine, you won’t get that dream dollar amount by pricing it so high.

Another way to come out a winner is by promoting your home for sale and rent simultaneously, to see which occurs first. This type of situation can be tricky, even for veteran real estate professionals.

In some instances, we might opt to partner with homeowners in order to help them create lease option deals where very qualified buyers lease the property for a predetermined length of time before purchasing.

Yet, in some other situations, we might assist in renegotiation financing, help with monthly payments, or in partnership with a bank, set up a short sale.

We truly enjoy assisting people to work through difficult problems.

Sometimes all it takes is some creativity to get you where you want to be.

Who Is Property Seller Solutions And How Can We Assist You When You’re Relocating And Needing To Sell In Salt Lake City?

We are property investors. We earn a living and provide for our families by buying homes from Salt Lake City homeowners who are needing to quickly sell for any number of common reasons.

Some of the types of people who choose to work with us… People who:

  • Are needing a very quick sale (we are often able to close in 7 days if need be)
  • Want to avoid the hassle of listing with an agent
  • Want to avoid paying real estate agent commisions
  • Aren’t able to sell their home for various reasons (we buy homes “as-is”)
  • … or one of many other common reasons

We are inspired by what we do and believe in the Salt Lake City community.

We’re genuine and honest people.

We’ll quote you a fair price for your property, and we’re able to quickly close with cash.

If you’re ready to wait and manage the sale of your property with an agent from a distance, sometimes it’s worth it to take that risk.

We’re ready to help you find the best answers to get through your Salt Lake City real estate situation, so please give us a call anytime to chat at (801) 876-1036



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