Salt Lake City We Buy Houses companies – are they credible?

Salt Lake City We Buy Houses companies – are they credible?

If you’ve spent any time in different parts of Salt Lake City, odds are good you’ve come across some of the signs for “we buy houses” companies.

Many times you’ll see them saying “We Buy Houses In Salt Lake City!” or “We Buy Houses For Cash”.

Are these Salt Lake City “we buy houses” companies credible?

How does one judge if these area home buying firms are credible and trustworthy?

Frankly… they may all seem the same… but, in this post we’ll go over some important things to consider when thinking about working with a house buying company.

Being in the business of buying and selling homes is a legitimate and respectable form of business that helps home sellers and their neighborhoods. But, as in all areas of life – a small group of house buyers in any region can make the rest of us appear less honorable.

Many of us in this field are really honest and right-minded people who are doing a lot to improve our communities one house at a time.

But, then you have a few dishonest characters who value money over their clients’ best interest and who would do a deal which screwed over their own grandmother while undercutting you – as long as the profit were big enough.

Unfortunately, those types are out there.

We’ll steer you away from these “less-than-honest house buyers” in favor of reputable, honest, and legitimate local firms who are willing to buy your home for a fair cash offer and can close the deal very fast if you need.

But, let’s not just dwell on the negative – not yet at least.

Let’s begin by looking at what the best area home-flippers are doing.

What Honest And Reputable Salt Lake City House Buyers Are Doing

    • Helping people get the money they need now to better their lives. Folks often are in need of accessing the cash available in their homes to go towards medical bills or perhaps to relocate closer to a loved one. We are able to help in these situations in just several days, so you can relax and not worry.
    • Aiding sellers who are hassled by owning a certain property get rid of it without having to spend months dealing with a broker and hoping for a sale.
    • Boosting local jobs. An average sale of a property touches 86 people from beginning to end. These include the hiring of contractors, plumbers, electricians, brokers, loan officers, title reps, admins and a bunch of other folks as well. When we invest, it helps the local Salt Lake City UT economy by providing real jobs.


  • Buying made in America products. It takes a lot of money going to U.S. made materials to fix a house – which goes on to create good jobs for our timber workers as well as those in factories, distribution centers, supply shops, etc. Our economy relies on folks like us making continual investments.
  • Raising Salt Lake City neighborhood values. When we fix up a home, the value of the whole neighborhood increases. We frequently take neglected properties and repair them so that they become wonderful family homes. This benefits Salt Lake City.


  • Growing the tax base. After one of our houses get’s a new owner, that person will pay more in local taxes based on the increased value. This tax amount goes to fund important services in the community like schools, police, the fire department, street work, and more. All this improves the community.

Pretty neat, right?

Many wrongly think of house-flipping as a way of people trying to get rich quick. This notion comes from the “reality” shows which add a bunch of drama in order to take what’s normally a pretty boring job and try and make it entertaining.

The majority of our work is managing a bunch of different people and moving parts to ensure the project gets done on time.

So, why don’t we return to how this information can help you decide if you’re dealing with a reputable investor and not just some home buying scam artist.

How To Make Sure You’re Dealing With A Credible Local House Buyer

In order to make sure that the local house buyer you’re talking to about possibly buying your home is honest and legitimate… be sure you ask some of these questions.

Ask questions that are open-ended like:

  • What are ways you help the clients you work with?
  • Can you give me more info on your services?
  • What about your work are you most proud of?
  • What else do you do for people?
  • Can you tell me about your investment philosophy?
  • How can I be sure that you’ll actually close on my property when we agreed you would?

Next, watch out for some obvious signs that you may be dealing with a shady character.  

  • “A kitchen table closing” – When a house buyer wants you to sign over the ownership of your home to them at your house, as opposed to in a professional setting like a title company or closing attorney office… be cautious. The majority of legitimate home buying firms will opt to close on the sale with the help of a professional 3rd party… like with a title company. This makes sure all is done properly and legit.
  • Pressures you to close extra fast – If you come across a house buyer who needs you to sell your house to them that very day, run away. Most legitimate property buying firms will present an offer to you and that offer will stand for at least 2-7 days at a minimum before you have to decide. The reason we at Property Seller Solutions, as well as other reputable firms, do have a deadline for our offers is due to possible market and value changes that can take place, and… we purchase homes on an ongoing basis and so when we make an offer on yours, we need to know if you feel the deal isn’t a great fit for you so that we can take that money and use it to help a different homeowner with their property.

Shady characters won’t be wanting a lengthy interview done on them, but rather a quick score.

Odds are that they’ll have an excuse to hang up the phone with you so they can move on to somebody who doesn’t ask so many revealing questions.

Real Salt Lake City investors who are ethical and honest, however, are in business for the long haul and know the way to do so is by building relationships and caring for their community.

Therefore, if you’re looking at “we buy houses in Salt Lake City” firms… don’t hesitate to ask them some questions!

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