Smart Ways To Compare Your Selling Options And Make Good Profit From Your Salt Lake City Real Estate

Smart Ways To Compare Your Selling Options And Make Good Profit From Your Salt Lake City Real Estate

The need to always explore your selling options before committing to selling your house in Salt Lake City cannot be overemphasized.

In this post, you will learn vital tips on how to compare the options that are most suitable for your sale – hiring an agent, finding a direct sale, or an FSBO!

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There’s still a vast majority of people who think that hiring an agent, and waiting around and hoping for a buyer is the only way they can sell their house successfully. But this couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

You will, in fact, be stunned by the increasing number of people who are taking advantage of quicker and more reliable options. These include selling their property by themselves through an FSBO listing or selling to a direct buyer – both of which eliminates repair costs and commissions thus guaranteeing higher profits.

If, perhaps, you have found yourself at this crossroads, and you aren’t quite sure about the best way to sell your property. You may want to begin by first comparing the financial implications and the total time required for each selling method.

Here are some basic comparison tips below:

The Direct Sale Approach

The direct sale approach is a great way to sell your property quickly and very efficiently. This is particularly true if you work with Property Seller Solutions. 

In addition to a speedy and transparent sale, it helps you to eliminate basic expenses such as selling costs, cost of repairs, utility, cleaning, upgrades or staging. As well as saving valuable time, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with being able to plan ahead, with more cash in your pocket.

Typically a traditional sale often takes several weeks, months and even years. However, selling directly to Property Seller Solutions takes only a few days. Our professionals at Property Seller Solutions are experienced in the handling and processing of all the paperwork.

Putting your schedule into consideration, we will make the entire process as simple as possible for you. So that you’re able to receive payment for your house right away!

Selling On Your Own

Depending on your knowledge of the real estate industry, its laws and the negotiation processes, you could actually do a great job selling your Salt Lake City house by yourself – on your own. However, this can be quite demanding. 

In addition to your real estate proficiency – having a good understanding of the local market, and being able to recognize a good offer, be sure to speak to a local real estate attorney – to ensure that things are done the right way.

Do note that a For-Sale-By-Owner Listing, or an FSBO, requires that you, the owner, bears all of the marketing responsibilities on your own; such as print materials, online listings, open houses, newspaper ads, and signage. 

You should also be available to show the property to potential buyers, and answer their questions upon request. 

Furthermore, you must ensure that the entire paperwork and contracts are professionally handled, when you find a potential buyer – you don’t want to leave any room for loopholes.

Hiring A Real Estate Agent

If you’re patient to wait indefinitely, and wouldn’t mind the exuberant presale and after-sale costs, then hiring a local Salt Lake City agent might just be a good fit for you.

Moreover, when you put up your house on the MLS, you should be ready to do some upgrade on the house so it can compete effectively with others on the market. This includes professional cleaning, repairs, and staging.

Once listed, the agent is automatically tasked with the responsibility to schedule periodic showings of your house until a suitable buyer is found.

Although you will be required to be absent from the showings, this, in itself can make the prospects feel uncomfortable – consequently decreasing your chances.

Nevertheless, you will need to wait until an offer comes in. An occurrence that may take several days, weeks, or months, and in some cases never!

If the agent does find a buyer, you may still have to wait for some unspecified amount of time, as your payment would go through the escrow process until all appraisals, inspections, and any other red-tapping procedure is cleared from the lender – before the property actually closes.

Whether you are considering selling directly to Property Seller Solutions, through FSBO on your own, or with the help of an agent. Please, ensure that you have fully explored all available options before you decide on how you want to sell your Salt Lake City home.

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Here at Property Seller Solutions, our professionals are skilled at helping you make the right decision that’s in your best interest.

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