You are trying to sell a Salt Lake City UT home that simply won’t sell?

You see it in the media – the real estate market is supposed to be hot. High demand, bidding wars amongst buyers, and never seen before prices are the norm now.

So, how come your house hasn’t sold?

These tips might be the perfect thing to help you sell your Salt Lake City home.

Why Won’t My Home Sell In Salt Lake City? – 6 Key Tips To Success

1) Seek experienced help.

As in the past, inexperienced investors and agents jump into the real estate market loudly proclaiming that they are experienced pros.

But, they’re not. For the first time, they’re running up against the hidden aspects of property evaluation, financing, deal structures, and more. Let’s be clear, for many people, real estate is their largest investment. Don’t just trust anyone’s advice. If you seek great results, partner with a professional.

2) Don’t make excessive improvements.

Often, we see properties where the owners have simply tried too hard with making improvements. Even the most well-intentioned owners often screw up their homes by making unnecessary improvements – improvements that most buyers likely won’t even prefer. When most people buy a home they want to add their own personal touches. So, get rid of all the excess and try and stay neutral.

3) Do perform necessary improvements.

Buyers are turned off by obvious problems with a home. Prove that you’ve been a good caretaker of the house by fixing any small details.

Don’t skip over details like missing switchplates or leaving gaps in the trim. Get your home professional inspected and proudly offer a healthy home report. These things do a lot to reassure a buyer that they’re purchasing the right home.

4) Style and design do matter.

Buyers are attracted by curb appeal as well as a home’s interior – so don’t skip one for the other. Give your buyer the smartly stylish home they desire. Make sure to freshly paint the walls, give the landscaping a modern updating, and most importantly — keep it very clean. Also, consider having the home staged by a professional.

5) Pricing it right is key.

If a lot of potential buyers are coming to see the house but you’re not getting many offers, you’re pricing may not be too far off the mark. But, if your property has been sitting without getting many phone calls, you’re likely overpriced.

6) Every property will sell – eventually.

There’s no magic bullet to selling your home, but partnering with an experienced professional is usually the best option.


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